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Workplace Retirement Plan Consulting

Helping Your Business and Employees Pursue Success

As your dedicated retirement plan advisor, DC Advisors offers your company comprehensive services, providing overall guidance on all aspects of your plan.

We have the expertise and experience your organization can count on, from strategies to help maximize your plan design to targeted employee support.

DC Advisors keeps you up to date on all types of retirement and pensions plans, and any changing regulations that are important to your business and organization’s retirement plan.  We offer guidance in each area that affects your business, on the actions to take, and document the decisions.

Here are the primary services we provide to employers: 

  • QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative) search, selection and due diligence
  • Monitoring of your plan’s investment options while promoting the suitability of the investment menu and helping to control expenses
  • Monitoring the potential fiduciary risks that affect your plan while maintaining the objectives of your organization as they relate to plan design assistance and employee engagement
  • Assisting Plan Sponsor’s with their duty to benchmark Plan service providers
  • Coordinating the search, selection and monitoring of service providers (RFP Services)
  • Enhancing the Investment Committee’s knowledge through fiduciary training and assistance with 404(c) to help reduce potential fiduciary liability
  • Optimizing your employee’s appreciation of the plan by implementing and measuring the success of an employee communication and education program

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