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Private Wealth Management

Investment Strategies Centered on the Client

We provide private wealth consulting services and individual financial planning through LPL Financial.  Our services are founded in the spirit of being an active listener and helping you uncover what is most important to you.  We assist you in prioritizing your goals and then develop an action plan that is personalized to your unique needs.

Access to our investment and private wealth consulting services enable you to establish informed objectives.  All sound planning strategies start with understanding how much money you will need to meet your short-term and long-term goals.  Once your goals are established, our consultants will guide you to prudent wealth management and estate preservation strategies, all while managing risks consistent with your goals.  

Our primary services in this area include:

  • Goals-based investing and financial planning
  • Retirement planning and income management
  • Asset allocation and investment management
  • Life insurance analysis and planning
  • Long-term care analysis and planning
  • Education and college planning
  • Tax efficient legacy and gifting strategies