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Employee Financial Wellness and Education

Guiding, Educating Employees

At DC Advisors, we are experienced in engaging employees on the importance of planning for a successful financial future.  We tailor our approach so that it ties into the specific design of your organization’s plan.

Our extensive resources allow us to educate employees about financial wellness and deliver a variety of services to your business, including measuring results, impacting overall retirement readiness, and employee financial literacy.

Our employee support services include:

  • Developing a targeted employee education program specific to each client’s unique needs
  • Holding enrollment meetings for new participants and providing one-on-one support for employees
  • Providing annual State of the Plan meetings to educate employees on current market conditions and how it might affect their portfolio
  • Supplying a dedicated local number for plan participants seeking additional information
  • Educating terminated and retiring participants on plan distribution options